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There are so many ways to discover this extraordinary country. When it comes to liveaboards, it's all about the west coast. The amazing Pacific side attracts more and more divers to explore its incredible marine megafauna

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Southern Sport Liveaboard Sport LiveaboardSouthern Sport, 4 reviews

Great diving spots. Great crew and divemasters. Worst operation ever

Revillagigedo is quite a place. I have been on Cocos and Galápagos before and I was thinking maybe " this is more of the same '', but It is not the case. Dolphins and oceanic manta rays come quite closer and for a really long time, and we feel a bit different behaviour in the sharks than in the other places. Now talking about the Cruise.
Operation was simply awful. Our rental equipment was not ready when we got there and we had to pay a visit to a shop in Cabo San Lucas in order to get our equipment ready. Nitrox is 30 not 32 and compressor just stopped working last day. Crew divemasters and Cook are really really good, knowledgeable and trustworthy people and they do their BEST to compensate the mess it was the operation.
Now talking about the cabins, AC cannot be disconnected and basically you have to block it.
So come with them for the crew and the divemasters (Tico is the BEST). But be aware the boat is tricky and operation must be improved. It is a shame you are renting from them and your equipment is not ready when you get to the boat. First time it happens to me on a liveaboard.
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R. Juan2023-02-05
Southern Sport Liveaboard Sport LiveaboardSouthern Sport, 4 reviews

One of the best trip!

It was one of the best liveaboards. Every crews are so caring and food was amazing. Guides always care about the safety and have sufficient briefing every night for the dive spot of next day. I got severe sea sickness during the trip and I’ve been taken care of by every crew. Highly recommend this liveabord for everyone.
O. Yuko2022-12-02

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